Egen gives back in 2020

Egen gives back in 2020

What does Egen love almost as much as the cloud?  Working together to give back to our community.  2020 has been exceptionally hard for a lot of people.  This holiday season, Egen partnered with two non-profit organizations to make things a little easier for the people around us.  Our 2020 charitable initiative, Egen Gives Back, chose two important causes.

Operation Warm

Operation Warm provides brand-new coats to children in need to give them physical and emotional warmth, confidence to socialize and succeed, and hope for a brighter future. In 2019, OW received 150,000 requests for coats; This year, they have received 365,000 requests and 55,000 of them directly within the Chicago community.

Egen set a goal of raising $1,000.  This would provide warm, sturdy coats to fifty children ages 3 to 5 at a local head start center. Egen called upon individual team members to support our community, and they answered. At the end of our two-week fundraiser, we received double our goal from individual contributions alone. With Egen’s match, we have raised over $4,000 that goes directly toward keeping children warm this winter.

Meals on Wheels Chicago

Due to the financial burden COVID-19 has caused for so many, Egen wanted to be mindful about asking for monetary donations while still giving back to our community. Meals on Wheels Chicago delivers meals to 10,000 elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities annually in our community. 84% of the recipients say that the Meals on Wheels driver is the only human contact they have all week.

Egen participated in MOWC’s “Love Notes” program, where employees wrote personalized messages to be delivered to clients throughout Chicago. Often, the only human interaction these clients have all week is with the meal delivery driver; these notes provide them with more human connection. As a whole, Egen decorated 724 notes.

Our 2 week “charitable sprint” was one of the ways Egen could say thank you to the people in our community.  Thanks to everyone who participated!